Welcome to YCast!

YCast is the result of an idea to help all Y professionals, but especially younger ones, get access to great advice and best practices in an convenient way. The Y does a great job with formal trainings and conferences, but so much is learned from simple conversations between Y professionals over lunch or in the hallway. The goal of YCast is to bring to our listeners the stories of successful Y professionals, their career path, and the best practices that they use to continue to impact the lives of the folks that they serve. We will address staffing issues such as balance between work duties and personal life, supervising staff, quality improvement, member engagement, and so much more. Some podcasts will specifically address certain departments or areas of focus such as Summer Day Camp, Youth Sports, or Financial Development. Others will be more broad. But we hope that you will subscribe to the podcast, listen to each episode, and pull out the nuggets that can help you become a better Y professional.

Contact us at ycastproductions@gmail.com to request topics, share your opinion, or get information about participating in a podcast.

Please check us out on Twitter to the left of the screen and tell your colleagues and fellow Y professionals about YCast!

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Official website corresponding with the YCast podcast for YMCA employee development.


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